If you are a big fan of body piercings, there’s virtually no limit to how creative you can get with them. The world of body piercings is always filled with plenty of unique ideas and styles you can try from time to time. If you’ve been searching for unconventional piercing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’re listing down some interesting ideas that might inspire you.

1. Double Nose Piercing

This is a modern take on the traditional nostril piercing with twin holes on either side of the nose. You can adorn it with tiny studs or hoops. A stud and hoop combination looks equally great too.

2. Philtrum Piercing

Also known as a medusa piercing, the philtrum piercing is a bold yet attractive, statement-making style that brings all the attention to the cupid’s bow of your upper lip. If you’re worried that it’s going to be painful, you shouldn’t! It’s a quick pinch just like any other facial piercing. It works nicely with tiny crystal studs.

3. Daith Piercing

If you’re bored with your ear lobe piercing and want to try something fun, you should try this unique spin on the classic pierced ears. Daith piercing passes through the innermost cartilage of your ear which is also referred to as the crux of your ear’s helix. The piercing is usually done using a hoop, curved barbell or horseshoe and you can choose from a variety of metal colors and gems. Once the piercing is properly healed, you can play with many other jewelry options.

4. Industrial Piercing

This body piercing trend is becoming increasingly popular. It usually involves the installation of a straight metal bar passing through the upper helix down to the mid helix of your ear. Your piercer can tell you many other options about the way you want your industrial piercing done. It does take a little longer to heal. You should keep 9 to 12 months in mind.

5. Monroe Piercing

The reason why this piercing is named after Marilyn Monroe is that it resembles her signature beauty mark on the left corner of the upper lip. It is a great addition to your lips and face and looks best with tiny metallic studs.

6. Navel Piercing

This body piercing style has been there for a while now but it’s still quite popular. It can make your belly button and midriff look even more attractive. Conventionally, this type of piercing is done through the top of the belly button. A curved barbell with a studded lower end is passed through the navel. But several modern-day piercers have taken this body art one step ahead by adding jewels or lavish charms to the end of the barbell. You can even incorporate chains or bands around your entire waistline.

There you have it! Try this unique body piercing idea and make a fashion statement of your own.