When it comes to body piercings we hear good and bad things, there’s always a horror story that can give body piercings a bad reputation. Always keep in mind that you should see a professional piercer when going to get a body piercing to avoid most complications. A very common problem is a piercing being rejected. The jewelry is a foreign object to the body and the body’s natural reaction is to try and push the foreign object out, to help the body accept the piercing is to be pierced with the proper gauge size and the proper type of body jewelry. It is also extremely important that the piercer actually pierces enough skin, a piercing that is to thin is the main reason for jewelry rejections the second reason for rejection is a the person maybe sensitive to the type of jewelry they were pierced with. To avoid the issue of rejection from a jewelry reaction you may want to try solid gold body jewelry, solid titanium body jewelry, or high quality surgical steel.

The aftercare of the piercing is the most important part of the healing process the proper aftercare also determines how well the body will react to the new piercing. Changing your body jewelry to early can slow down the healing process or even cause infection, if you are having an issue with your jewelry you should see your piercer before trying to handle it on your own.


Here are some tips that you should remember before getting a new piercing:

  1. Always see a professional piercer
  2. Make sure you have quality body jewelry
  3. Get pierced with the correct gauge size and type of body jewelry
  4. Be sure that enough skin is pierced as thin piercings will eventually reject
  5. Take care of your piercing after you have been pierced and do not change the jewelry to early


It is extremely important to do research and have an understanding of the new piercing that you plan to get to make sure that you avoid complications that can happen in body piercing. There is no guarantee that the body will accept any piercing but there is a better chance that it will accept when it’s done properly.