A few decades ago, nose piercings were not that common among people in the United States. With time, it became a popular trend among teens and young adults to have a nose piercing. However, it evident that females are more likely to get a nose piercing done as compared to men. Apart from the celebrities and famous artists, very few men tend to get their noses pierced in real life. It is very likely that men find it weird to get a nose piercing because of the social stigma that revolves around nose piercings. Many people believe that a nose piercing is good for women and men should simply refrain from getting one. If you are wondering why nose piercing is considered unacceptable for men, this article is written to enlighten you about several factors that contribute to this concept.

Why Nose Piercings Are Normalized Among Women Not Men?

After extensive research, we have come up with some of the factors that might have contributed to the lack of acceptance of nose piercings among men. Here are some of the reasons why nose piercings are considered a thing for women, not men.

1.    Historical Beliefs

One of the regions that discovered the art of nose piercings includes the Asian sub-continent where Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan, and Bengali people reserved all the fashionable ideas for women only. Women were obliged to follow different ways to look more feminine. To achieve a feminine look in order to appear as a girl ready for marriage, it was very common to see women including preteen girls and teenagers to jazz up their look by putting on heavy jewelry and getting their nose pierced to appear more feminine. Moreover, according to the Indian healing science, it is recommended to get the female’s left nostril pierced as it is connected to her reproduction system; therefore, nose piercing would help relieve pain during the birth of a child and ease the process of delivery. As time proceeded, the concept of wearing a dangling nose ring or a stud became a common practice among Indian women whereas, there was no concept of nose piercing among men as it would diminish their masculine side.

2.    Cultural Influence

Since nose piercings ask for jewelry and most men are not inclined towards embellishing their looks with a piece of jewelry, nose piercing has been termed as a fashion for females. In several cultures, tribes, and religions around the world, it is considered taboo for men to wear bright colored dresses as it would take away their manliness. Similarly, men are prohibited to wear jewelry as the use of delicate ornaments would make them seem womanly.

3.    Modern Era

Due to the ancient beliefs and practices, a lot of men prefer hiding their love for nose piercing as it has been deemed ladylike in the past. Moreover, the restrictions imposed by the majority of the corporate workplaces on piercings and jewelry has contributed to the lack of normalization of nose piercings among men. As a result, very few men give a thought to getting their noses pierced.