Body jewelry pieces purchasing is a very popular activity among persons of all age groups for years. But the question arises here is that, how to choose a jewelry piece which suits your body and puts you at par with latest trends A-Line Wedding Dresses


A piercing is a puncture wound, which leaves the skin open to transmission of bacterial infection. It’s recommended that during healing, one must take care not to touch your jewelry without first washing your hands with antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. You also need to be extra careful about the material of your jewelry piece that you use for piercing. Harsh and cheap quality metals for skin are harmful and can actually prolong healing time. Some irritation and swelling is normal, especially when your piercing comes in contact with clothing. It’s good to take further precautions by not using artificial cheap cost jewels for your piercing. Infection is indicated by pus leaking from the entry or exit holes. If you suspect a piercing is infected, immediately consult the doctor or your piercer and try to get the jewelry removed, as the holes could trap the infection inside with continuous touch with such metal.

Extensive manufacturing of jewelry in artificial, steel and in other precious metals is becoming popular. Both men and women love to buy such jewellery because they cost less and don’t make hole in pockets. They are extremely fashionable and loved by youngsters. It is available in large variety. Most common types are lip, nose, belly, eyebrow rings etc. Industrial piercings is yet another popular option where you through two spots on the cartilage of your ear, with one long barbell through them both. Labret is yet another most popular lip piercing using Monroe body jewelry.

Good metal must be used in piercings, as they are not risky on skin and can move freely. When the piercing is healed, some people choose to insert barbells, rings, etc which give the appearance of a small bead on either side of the nipple. Circular barbells are popular as well. These are rings bent into a horseshoe shape, with beads that unscrew on both ends. Common metals for jewelry are surgical steel, titanium and niobium. Many people have allergic reaction to few of the metals in the piercing jewellery, particularly nickel. This risk can be minimized by using high quality jewellery manufactured from Titanium or Niobium or similar inert metals. Silver, gold and platinum are appropriate as well.