Far from when they were merely used as a means of identification in prehistoric times, body piercings have successfully carved their way into the 21st-century fashion scene. Today, they are a work of art, perfectly complementing to the subtle allures of the body and flaunted by the trendiest fashionistas. Piercings are the new sexy! From Broadway to Hollywood, their famed sparkle and glitz continue to rock the fashion world from the bodies of celebrities. For you, however, they could be the perfect fashion statement and here’s why

  • Piercings are timeless

Quick question. Name one fashion trend that has remained relevant and trendy for the last decade or so. Simple answer -piercings without a doubt. Piercings have been around for the most of the 21st century, yet unlike other trends that come and go, they’ve remained relevant. They started first as a fashion accessory.  Today they are a fashion statement; more importantly, a fashion statement that’s bound to stay in vogue over time.

Looking for a fashion piece that’s guaranteed to remain trendy for years to come? You can’t go wrong with body piercings.

  • Piercings are a great way to showcase your personality

Are you the rad type, the calm collected nerd or the reserved introvert, whatever your personality is there’s always a fitting piercing style to match. If you’re nerd looking for some ‘nerdy’ piercing to emphasize this fact, then try the tongue piercing on for size. It’s detailed, sophisticated and unique; just like you. Rad individuals, on the other hand, need a complementing edgy piercing and nothing screams I’m the edgiest kid on the block than a well-executed septum piercing. If you’d rather have a more reserved look, then hitch onto the belly button piercing train.

  • They are a sure way to stand out from the crowd

Body piercings are stunners and head turners. In a world where it’s easy to get lost in a sea of monotonous fashion trends, they present a unique way to upstage the fashion competition. And that’s putting it lightly. For the most of their existential history, body piercings have been a distinguishing fashion piece. Royals used it as a mark of their royalty, the rich used it to demonstrate their affluence and even today celebrities adorn with piercings to remain at the center stage of paparazzi camera shutters. Want to be the center of attraction at your next social event? A nose, tragus or daith piercing will go a long way in making you stand out from the rest

  • Finally, body piercings are fitting to all the sexes

Male, female, or transgender, there’s no discrimination when it comes to piercings.  It’s a free for all fashion statement, and anyone can rock whichever piercing suits his/her fancy provided they have the physique to match.

Aside from fostering a non-polarized body piercing industry, this gender-neutral nature of piercings significantly increases the number of piercing styles available to piercing aficionados. There’s something to fit every taste, style, and preference. So, rest easy knowing that the piercing world has got you covered.