Many people try to categorize piercings by sex saying that only certain piercings belong on women and certain piercings belong on men. Throughout our history both men and women had piercings. Many centuries ago body piercings were used to show financial status, they were used in religious ceremonies, cultural ceremonies, and in other cultures it was used to show beauty amongst the women.

Many tribal cultures believed that having piercings showed that they were more vicious or stronger than there enemy.  Nowadays people pierce their bodies in a form of self expression. Nasal piercings are more commonly seen amongst women but are also worn by men as well. The most popular nasal piercing jewelry is the loop and the stud. In India piercings were looked upon as a mark of beauty and is a very common piece of jewelry there. Nose piercings are used in ritual and tradition in India today. The nose ring was also used in certain African tribal tradition the males would give their brides a nose piercing when they get married, social status was shown through the size of the jewelry the larger the jewelry for the piercing the wealthier the family was.

Whether the nose piercing is used for a religious symbol, a bonding symbol for marriage or just a fashion statement it is one of the most popular places to pierce other than an ear piercing. So the question is can men get away with wearing a nose ring? Sure they can, piercings don’t have a defining barrier where only certain piercings can go either a man or woman it goes based on your own self expression. There are many male entertainers today that have their nose pierced such as Lenny Kravitz, Chris Brown, and even the late rapper Tupac had his nose pierced.

So who is there to say that only women should have nasal piercings?