A lot of people are under the impression that belly rings are a “new” trend. The fact is belly rings and other body piercings have been around for centuries. These piercings through out history were used to establish a person’s status in society. It was another area where wealth could be shown off via jewels, gold bars and other precious metal adornments.

Status Symbols

In ancient times adorning your body including your naval with jewelry made a statement about your level of wealth and importance. It was largely relegated to wealthy men or male aristocrats during ancient Egyptian times. There is no evidence that women took part in the practice.

In the Mid-East

The famed belly dancers often pierced their bellybuttons. There is evidence that as early as the 12th century belly dancers are depicted with jewels dangling from their naval area. This was considered a huge taboo among the rest of the culture but was a widely accepted practice among entertainers and concubines. During this period, men refrained from the practice.

What does it Really Mean?

Typically practices from ancient times that have been put to the wayside than re-invented as a trend again, usually have some special meaning. Belly button piercing was done always, just for the sole pleasure of highlighting the naval and adorning the body. There was no real significance to it, just like there is no real significance to it today.

Today It is Main Stream

Naval piercings really got a bump in popularity in the early 1990’s when movie stars, models and other celebrities started displaying their belly rings. Today they are more main stream then ever. You can find belly rings on:

  • Celebrities
  • Public figures
  • Housewives
  • Professionals
  • Men
  • Women

Just about anyone that wants a belly ring can have one. Perhaps it is because they are so easy to conceal when necessary that makes them the number one body part pierced besides ears. People from all walks of life have naval piercings. While they certainly are not a new trend, they have absolutely climbed in popularity over the last 20 years.

Show Your Belly Ring off

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