Adorning your nose with a gorgeous nose ring can be a great way to add to your style. Nose piercings are highly underrated. Not only are they extremely fashionable, but they also give you the confidence boost you need! You can either choose to pierce your nostrils or the septum (the partition between your nostrils). Both piercings are uber-cute and trendy.

Another appealing reason to get a nose piercing is the variety of stylish nose jewelry choices you have. From nose rings to nose pins – nose jewelry is highly versatile and customizable to suit your style perfectly. Here are some types of nose rings that you can get.

Fake Nose Ring

Just like the name, these rings can be adorned even when your nose is not pierced. They are typically hoop rings that can be fit according to your nose. Fake nose rings are also pretty flexible; they can be squeezed to make them tighter. You don’t need to fret about them being fake, as they are hard to distinguish from the real ones. If you want to bling up your nose but aren’t sure about getting a piercing – this is the perfect choice for you!

Fishtail Nose Ring

Fishtail nose rings are highly customizable. This nose ring entails a long bar that measures up to 19mm. You can take it to a piercer to get it adjusted according to your liking. They will use a tool to measure your nose and bend the bar accordingly so that it fits your nostrils perfectly. Fishtail nose rings come in various designs and is embellished with different jewels such as gemstones or diamantes.

Gemstone Nose Ring

If you’re looking to add bling to your style, gemstone nose rings are the way to go! They are available in many designs and styles and of course, are embellished with a gorgeous gemstone. This type of nose ring will surely add some class to your nose every time you wear it!

Hoop Nose Ring

Whether they are earring or nose rings, hoops never seem to go out of style. A hoop nose ring is one of the most common and popular types of nose rings out there. Hoop nose rings generally come in metallic shades such as gold and silver. They also come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. If you opt for this type of nose ring, you will surely find some super-creative and glamorous pieces in the market to suit your style.

If you wear your nose ring at all times, it’s best to buy a metallic colored one preferably in gold or silver so that you don’t have to change it too often.

Nose Bone Ring

Nose bone rings are straight studs that are a little flared at the bottom. This is to ensure that the pin doesn’t fall out easily. It’s better to adorn one of these cute pins once your nose has completely healed; otherwise, it can be painful as the flared end causes irritation.

Nose pins and rings have been worn by women throughout history. With the variety of options available, you can choose the best one for yourself!