Facial and body piercings have become very common among people in the United States. However, if you are traveling outside the U.S., you will come across various cultural norms or rules for clothing and body art that may differ from the culture of your homeland. Hence, it is best to consider these aspects before traveling internationally with your body jewelry on. In addition, you need to plan your trip according to the culture of your travel destination to stay safe and comfortable throughout your international trip.

Airport Security and Customs

Having multiple piercings on your face can draw a lot of attention, especially while passing through the metal detector at the airport. Moreover, suppose you are traveling to a location with people having a relatively conservative mindset. In that case, the security team and customs may perform an additional check, making you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, consider taking your jewelry out and store it in your handbag to avoid any hassle. However, if it’s a new piercing, you can avoid taking off your jewelry by wearing a subtle stud or a ring that matches your skin color to prevent it from capturing other’s attention.

Local Culture Awareness

Before traveling to an international destination, you need to understand the values and rules of the local culture. Also, you may notice that some locals expect the residents of their country to follow all the cultural norms without enforcing their beliefs and ideas on tourists. However, some countries with strong religious traditions may expect residents and visitors to adhere to their rules for behavior and clothing. Similarly, they may prohibit men and women from flaunting their tattoos and piercings in public places, denying entry to tourists who do not follow their local regulations. Hence, you need to ensure that your piercing and jewelry align with their culture, which may require you to remove the jewelry for a comfortable experience.

Consider Your Target Audience

Wearing expensive or eye-catching jewelry may seem inappropriate for certain areas. For example, suppose you are going on a charity trip to an impoverished country. In that case, a flashy stud or a ring around your facial piercing may be considered disrespectful to the people living there. Moreover, it can make you a potential target for street crimes which can put you in a lot of trouble.

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