#WCW Pierced Women of the World


Oh, What a Year of Pierced Women & Their Bold Style


2016 has been such a staple year for us in the piercing world with the rise of piercings hitting the mainstream spotlight with such grace and ease. We (and many fashionista’s and editors of magazines everywhere) anticipate the continuing uprise of the new, softer and super wearable piercing trends for 2017 and boy, are we head over heels with the idea.
2016 being a pivotal year for the fame of the smiley piercing, the septum piercing, the nipple piercing and the simple piercing among others, we wanted to thank the pierced women of the world that made this possible. In this article, we’ll check out some of the key players that helped to popularize and style some of these piercings via Pinterest and beyond. 2017, we’re ready for you and women of this world are ready to embrace what new piercing and body jewelry trends lie ahead.


Getting Industrial

Among the soft, feminine jewelry and piercing trends of 2016 snuck in the industrial angles of body piercings. The horizontal industrial piercing is done on the cartilage of the ear with two entry points, leaving a space for the long, extended barbell known as the industrial barbell to peek through. This piercing is so versatile in the it gives the wearer the ability to rock a piercing that is way more sophisticated and “level 10” than the traditional second or third lobe piercing. It also allows for jewelry that comes in SO many varieties. This edgy piercing is still delicate enough to wear in the workplace as it it still confined to the safety of the ears for employers and mom’s, just about everywhere. Here is a few from the web that we absolutely adore and some of 2016 favorite industrial barbells that were hard to keep stocked on the shelves.


ear cuffs and chains

Chain Me Up & Cuff Me

A beautiful trend we saw all over the red carpet and the streets alike were cuffs and chains. From designer inspo on handbags to jewelry, chains and cuffs definitely made our 2016 favorites list. Ear cuffs were big this year; maybe it was due the simplicity of being able to cuff and go or maybe due to the way it easily creates the illusion of having multiple piercings. Whatever the reason, we loved seeing it across the web, especially when it came to the stars we NEVER ever would sport such an edgy look, such as the dainty Emma Watson. Chains did their own justice this year….ear cuff combos with chain mail to attach to a pierced ear jewelry were a huge hit as well as body and belly chains.

hair piercing

Hair Piercings


Towards the fall, we saw this super new trend appearing on the web and on the stars. The beauty about hair piercings was that it could be done on any one, any age, so long as they had hair. The trend was versatile in that you could rock it out punk and grunge or keep it sleek and trendy on updo coiffs. The women who brought this trend to life should truly be thanked since this was THE year for so many women to try pastel shades and radical ombres…adding the hair piercings down the plaits on these color chromatic do’s was the icing on cake this year. Hair extension for a super full, voluminous do was in demand all year long and well into 2017, so no wonder the hair piercing made it’s debit this year. We love it. Period.


Back To The Basics


Simple piercing rings in gold, silver, yellow gold and rose gold made the winning list for just about every facial piercing and ear piercing this year. Simple yet effective, the infinity rings that were once reserved for nose piercings made their debut as the go to body jewelry for the infamous smiley piercing, septum piercings, lip piercings and eyebrows this year, not to mention hair piercing and multiple stacked ear lobe piercings. The thing about this simple pieces of jewelry is that is it went well with just about every skin tone and was just visible enough to make an impact but not so loud that it competed with this years bold eyebrow, contouring and highlighting makeup trends. Bold and elaborate (we mean the kind where you take 1 hour to make your makeup look “natural”) looks required body jewelry that could compliment the look but not steal the spotlight of the all that hard work. Go natural, go basic and bam, you ended up with the hottest pairing of makeup and jewelry in tandem harmony.

2016, We Heart You

There are so many times that we look back on the trends and fads we try and cringe kicking ourselves for trying something so ridiculous but 2016 won’t be one of those. We managed to revive the piercing trend with such a fresh outlook, it’s rolling over to 2017 with a twist. We want to see and hear what 2016 was like for you, so be sure to send us your piercing photos and stories for a feature on our social media and blog. Also, be sure to take advantage of our year end clearance sale going on until January 2nd, 2017 and continue enjoying our amazing selection of body jewelry at excellent prices all year long.

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