We love, love, love our brand ambassadors… can you tell?

And for a good reason too…to start, it’s been most interesting for us to interact with piercing addicts from all over the globe and this particular sparkle loving piercing babe is located in good ole’ Pennsylvania. If you live in or around Pittsburgh, you may find our pierced ambassador perfecting her cosmetology skills and maybe even at the local comic convention. Read on to find out how Taylor feels about her piercings, how others view them and if she regrets getting any of her piercings.


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Without further ado, let’s get jiggy with Taylor![/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title=”#BodyJewelryDotCom Interview : Taylor Goodrum”][vc_single_image image=”5589″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center” onclick=”custom_link” link=”https://www.instagram.com/kryptic.korpse/”][vc_column_text]What is your full name?

Taylor Paige Goodrum

What do you love most about the piercing/tattoo community where you live?

I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I love that there are so many people that are accepting of body mods here!

What do you do for a living or are you a student? If you are a student, what are you studying?

I’m in school for cosmetology, focusing on the esthetics part of it (skin care)

What piercings do you have?

I have 15 in my ears including my daith and triple forward helix, my nostril, my cheeks, vertical labret, tongue and navel.

Do you have any other body modifications, such as tattoos or dermals?

I have 5 tattoos and 4 hip dermals.

When did you get your first piercing?

My first piercing I was still an infant and it was my ears. My navel was my first body piercing and my nostril was my first facial piercings.

Why did you get your piercings?

I usually just saw piercings that I liked and did loads of research to see if I wanted them for sure.

Which piercing is your favorite and why? Do you have a favorite pierced celebrity/model/actress that inspires/influences your piercing and body jewelry choice?

My favorite piercing is probably my daith or my hip dermals. And Chris Cerulli/Motionless is my favorite pierced celeb.

Do you have a favorite piece of body jewelry?

Anything of mine that is opal or sparkly!

What was your experience with your piercings when you were actually getting pierced? Would you say it was painful or not at all or somewhere in between?

I honestly didn’t feel any of my piercings except my triple forward helix and IT WAS PAINFUL!

Are you looking to get more piercings or are you about maxed out?

I’m looking to get a few more in my ears like my tragus and conch then I may be done, may get more dermals.

Do you have a piercing you regret getting? If so, why?

I do not.

What is your favorite body jewelry for you piercings? For instance, do you prefer simple, steel barbells or elaborate dangling body jewelry and why?

Anything sparkly works for me!

How does having your piercings make you feel? Does it help you stand out, make a statement, make you feel more unique, etc?

It makes me feel bold, people stare but it doesn’t bother me, I’ve had people tell me that I fit my face piercings so well that they didn’t even notice them till I pointed them out

Does your employer or school restrict you in any way with your piercings or body art, or are they supportive?

My school doesn’t care, which is amazing.

If you could give one vital piece of advice to someone who is new to piercings, what would it be?


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