Well as we know by now  with body modification and piercings the possibilities are almost endless. You can pierce and tattoo almost anything from tattooing your eyes to piercing the web between your fingers. The vertical tragus piercing is just another variation of the tragus piercing that is becoming extremely popular. The tragus is the piece of cartilage located right outside of the ear canal. There are two variations to the vertical tragus piercing. Depending on the anatomy of the ear the tragus itself can be pierced vertically or it can be done as a surface piercing right in front of the tragus and more on the face.


Healing: The healing for the vertical tragus is just like the traditional tragus and any other cartilage piercing about 12-16 weeks for the initial healing. After this period of time you should be able to change the jewelry. It takes about 12-18 months for the piercing to completely heal.

Jewelry: The type of jewelry that is worn in the vertical tragus is a curved barbell.