Today body piercings are becoming more and more popular and as body modification becomes apart of a persons everyday appearance its not uncommon to see a person with visible piercings and tattoos.

Facial piercings are something that have been around for many centuries but are now becoming very popular in America and all over the world. There are more to facial piercings that just an eyebrow ring that become popular in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. When it comes to lip piercings they come in many different variations depending on the culture for example women in certain tribes in Africa and South America pierce their lips when they are young girls and stretch them over time. The lip piercing is the most common facial piercing that is practiced world wide. There are many variations of the lip piercing here is a chart of a few:


The most common lip piercing around the world which has been practiced in Africa and South America for centuries is the labret, the labret piercing is typically stretched with natural wood, jade, or other precious materials. Typically we see labrets worn with a labret stud. Many people like to get creative with their body modification and there can be up to 20 different variations lip piercings. The awesome thing about body modification is that it is not gender specific, both men and women get their lips pierced, its a great way to adorn the face. Are you thinking of getting a new piercing? Why not go with a new lip piercing, try any variation, you cant go wrong.

Lip Piercing Jewelry:


Once your lip piercing has completely healed and you have the OK to change your body jewelry, that is where the real fun begins. There are several different types of jewelry that can be worn in the lip piercing. The most common piece of jewelry is the labret stud. The labret stud usually comes in two sizes, the larger size is typically placed in the piercing to allow for swelling after the piercing.

Another fun piece of jewelry is the lippy loop ring it’s a fun and fashionable piece of jewelry.