When you think of the eyebrow ring you think of the traditional vertical eyebrow ring right? Well as body modification is constantly evolving there will constantly be change to the ways you can pierce your eyebrow.

Anti- Eyebrow– The anti-eyebrow is a piercing that is becoming more and more popular. Like the traditional eyebrow ring this piercing is a surface piercing. The piercing is done with a surface barbell that is placed right under the eye but above the cheek bone. This piercing can be done horizontally or vertically.


Horizontal eyebrow- The horizontal eyebrow piercing is a unique twist to the traditional vertical eyebrow ring. You must keep in mind though that this piercing is a surface piercing and can be subject to migration and rejection. It is important to choose the proper body jewelry when shopping for surface piercing the wrong material jewelry can cause migration and rejection. Also the placement of your piercing plays a major role in the healing of your piercing, if it is done improperly it can migrate or reject. So the next time you are thinking of getting a new piercing and want to try something different try and horizontal or anti-eyebrow!