Steph Simpson

Although body piercings are currently extremely common, in the way that most people you come across are actually MORE likely to have some form of body piercing than not, when it comes to body piercing locations, the most common example is most definitely the ears, especially the earlobes. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with ear lobe piercings in the slightest, some people may find themselves wanting to become slightly more adventurous and have different parts of their bodies pierced. In some cultures for example, unusual body piercings are an integral way of life, particularly in tribal cultures. Yes, whilst it can be said that people are becoming more and more adventurous with their piercings, i.e. nose, eyebrow, lip, and belly button piercings, for a lot of people, this isn’t enough and they may wish to take things one step further, opting to pierce parts of their body that others would never dream of. If you’re looking for unusual body piercing ideas and aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at these handy suggestions and see if they get your creative juices flowing.

Hand piercings – A great deal of people often opt for facial piercings when trying to make a statement, or simply express themselves, due mainly to the fact that facial piercings are the most visible, in that they aren’t hidden by items of clothing. Some people however, would rather opt for a different location that is also virtually always on display, unless they happen to be wearing gloves of course, and that particular part of the body is the hand. When people opt for hand piercings, more often than not, the part of the hand that is pierced is the small webbed section between each finger. Some people opt for just one piercing, whilst others opt for a piercing between each finger and thumb. The piercings are most commonly just your standard barbells, and they do look pretty impressive. It is worth noting however, that the piercings can rub and become uncomfortable, and as many people sweat a lot on their hands, and find their hands exposed to various bacterium and contaminants, there is an increased risk of infection, so if you do have a hand piercing, keep it incredibly well maintained.



Bridge of the nose piercings – Nose piercings are pretty common, though it is usually either the side of the nose that is pierced, or the base of the septum. To really make a statement and experience a truly unusual body piercing however, piercings on the bridge of the nose are ideal. Nose bridge piercings are again, usually standard metal barbells that run through the center of the bridge. The piercings look great, they aren’t actually that painful, and they’re located in an ideal spot for caring for and maintaining the piercing regularly.



Neck piercings – For the slightly more extreme look, neck piercings are ideal and are actually growing in popularity every single year. Some people opt for single neck studs, whilst others may have several, running either vertically, horizontally, or both, on the neck. They are pretty painful, they can make laying down, uncomfortable, and, if you happen to snag an item of clothing on them as you undress, boy will you know about it. Some people will go for specialized studs, so rather than the standard metal ball, they may have skulls, which do look pretty bad-ass it has to be said. If you aren’t very flexible however, caring for them and keeping them clean can be difficult, so you may need to enlist the help of somebody else.


Eye piercings – For those of you who happen to be squeamish, you may want to skip this next suggestion. Believe it or not, but eye piercings are now pretty popular and are growing more and more common with each passing day. The good news is that it isn’t the actual eyeball that is pierced, but rather the corner of the eyelid. This is not a piercing to be taken lightly because every time you blink, it could irritate the eye and put increased pressure on the piercing, making migration or rejection more and more likely. There’s also the risk of the jewelry rubbing the eye and creating all kinds of problems. People that are brave enough to go for eye piercings however, will often go for a small ring, and whilst it does look attractive, it isn’t necessarily the most practical of ideas. There’s also the risk of infection, as if the piercing were to become infected, the infection could also affect the eye, so again, keeping the piercing clean and well maintained is absolutely essential.