Here at BodyJewelry.Com we are constantly looking for the latest fashions and trends. We sometimes search the underground networks in hopes of finding something unique and different. Recently, we have seen a growth in a culture called Steampunk. This culture originates from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The genre incorporates many different elements into its repertoire, some of which include science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and horror. The art and culture involves steam power; Usually set in the Victorian times, or in the Wild West era of the United States. Sometimes it has been set in post apocalyptic times, where technology is envisioned through a Victorian perspective, which include fashions, culture, architect, and art.













The part has caught our eye is the rustic innovations of Steampunk fashion and jewelry. Steampunk fanatics take modern technology, strip it down of all its industrial appearance, and apply them to fit into a Victorian style. It can be as simple taking some pocket watch and just add some gears and charm to help it fit in a Victorian Era. The goal of steampunk is to take something redesign it with basic materials, such as brass, wood, iron, and leather, and create elements consisten with the Victorian Era.




















We have begun adding steampunk styled to our site, we hope to find more and increase our inventory on this hot new trend. Make sure you always buy your jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.