When going to buy a body piercing ring, first, you must consider what kind of ring you need. Where will this ring be going, and do you know how big it needs to be. It can be slightly challenging trying to find the right piercing online, but it is not impossible if you know what you need. Here are just a few types of body piercing rings for you to consider:

Plugs. Plugs are the round “plates” that people wear in their ears. If you are looking to start these, make sure that you do not go full out as it will result in ripping your earlobes. If you know what size you have and wish to go bigger, the same applies. Only go one step up as you do not want to accidently tear your earlobes.

Labrets. Any piercings that are around your lips are most likely these. These can also be considered: philtrum (the piercing on top), spider bites, snake bites, etc. These are usually 14g or 16g depending on your preference. If you already know the size you are looking for, then all you must do is look for the style, and that should not take too long, right?

Navels. Belly button piercings, or navels, are probably the most popular form of piercing. These are usually all one size, but if you run into different sizes they shouldn’t be much larger, or smaller. This type of piercing is more for your own style. There are so many styles out there, especially since this piercing is so common, that you may be overwhelmed. It’s okay, take your time to look, and use filters, as you search through all the options.

Septums. These are the bull ring, or middle of the nose, piercings. Septums are also only 14g to 16g. These rings are not terribly hard to shop for, as you will probably know what you want coming in. Generally, these rings are easy to put in. make sure to look for clickers as they are the easiest, if you have a hard time putting in any other type.

Nostrils. Also known as nose piercings, are also very popular. These come in multiple styles and all you need to do is find the one that is right for you.


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