Regardless of your taste, there’s always a belly button ring to compliment that alluring belly button piercing. This signature pieces of body jewelry come in various shapes and sizes, some sparkly others spotting a vignette color tone for that matured look. If you’re wondering what exactly your options are, we’ve gone round to itemize the major kinds of belly button rings for your viewing pleasure.

But first, what are belly button piercings made of

Typically, the ideal belly button ring is fashioned out of surgical grade steel, As the name connotes surgical grade steel is fit for usage in surgery procedures, majorly due to their largely unreactive composition. Belly button rings crafted from this material will serve the needs of most body piercing enthusiasts. That said, for individuals with heightened sensitivity, the goto options are belly button rings made out of either titanium, gold, bioplast or 0.925 sterling silver as these materials are characteristically hypoallergenic.

Types of belly button rings

  • Banana bells

Banana bells are the most prevalent forms of belly button rings available today. They are basically curved barbells with additional 5mm and 8mm top and bottom balls respectively. A simplistic design fans their popularity – they are easy to affix and relatively comfortable to wear. Decorative end pieces are optional so also are dangling charms.

  • Spiral rings

Like the name suggests these are essentially spiral shaped barbells. They usually come with one decorative end, matching tips, and a free-hanging charm extending from the barbell rather than the ball. Standard spiral barbells feature just one full revolution, and as such, do not extend from the piercing

  • Super spiral rings

Image result for spiral belly ring

Picture a spiral ring, but this time with about two to four complete revolutions and you’ve got a super spiral belly button ring. The extra revolutions, however, come at a cost. Super spirals lack the dangling decorative extras, and in their place, you have minimalist decorative balls. They are also trickier to insert as the spiral must be rotated until its midpoint aligns with the piecing bore.

  • Ball captive rings

Popularly known as BCR’s, this class of belly button rings are the recommended choice for body piercing enthusiasts who were initially pierced with captive jewelry. As you would expect, their shape differs significantly from your curved barbells. Compared to banana barbells, BCRs are unpopular, but for what they lack in popularity they make up in style. This set of belly button rings usually come in an assortment of colors and with numerous decorative gems and balls.

  • Top Dangle rings

AKA top drop rings. They bear a marked similarity to banana bell belly button rings only this time the decorative end piece is left hanging from the top as opposed to banana bells where they attach to the bottom. Top dangle rings are a necessity to body piercing enthusiast with a piercing located on the rim of their belly button.

So there you have it, our top selection of belly button rings, each a must-have accessory for the belly button piercing aficionado.