If you are in the process of stretching your ear piercings so you can wear wider or thicker tunnels, or you want large holes for plugs and tunnels, then you need tapers to start with or a series of different sized earplugs. You can also use an ear stretching kit. For an affordable price, you can get a taper kit that includes a set of surgical steel tapers that begin at size 14ga and go up to a 00 gauge. These types of piercing kits can be found at a well-known online body jewelry shop. While browsing an online store you will notice the variety of ear piercing tunnels, trendy earplugs, and funky style piercings they have to offer as well. In regards to stretching your earlobes, you can stop whenever you reach the size you prefer, but before you begin this process it is best to consult with a piercing professional first.

Online Body Jewelry Store     

Ear piercing tunnels/plugs are decorative pieces of jewelry that can make you stand out and get noticed. When you want to make a fashion statement you need to turn to a reputable online body jewelry store such as BodyJewelry.com for their trendy choices. Visiting the website, you will see all the different styles and sizes of tunnels/plugs made available to you. They carry only the finest materials which include solid gold, solid titanium, 316L surgical grade stainless steel, and .925 sterling silver. Some of the ear tunnels/plugs include tribal filigree, tree of life, tribal hearts design, vintage flower, and tribal enamel design in ebony wood.

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