Trick or Treat! Sweet Treats for Your Body Piercings


Trick or Treat! Sweet Treats for Your Body Piercings


Halloween is just around the corner and we’re excited to bust out the pumpkins, ghouls, ghosts and skeletons! Truth be told, we love Halloween here. We take such pride in dressing our body piercings all year long, so when we finally get a chance to dress up the rest of our body, we get stoked!


And let’s get real here, with the release of The Suicide Squad out earlier this year, I’m pretty sure we are all feigning for an excuse to dress up as Harley Quinn and Joker to show our “dark side” for this fun and thrilling holiday. What’s your poison? Who will you dress up as this year for Halloween? And how can add some extra flare with body jewelry perfectly in tandem?


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Joker and the Gents

If you are planning on getting down with the Suicide Squad, there are plenty of ways to dress your body piercings to be just as naughty as your costume. Try combining several layers of colored jewelry for various piercings instead of using the good ol’ trustee surgical steel. If you are one of those people who tend to stay away from bright, colorful jewelry, this is the time you can really experiment with wild, funky colors without the risk. UV and acrylic piercing jewelry in particular comes in a wide variety of bright colors as well as neon and glow in the dark, perfect for All Hallow’s Eve.

For you gents donning green hair and red lips this year, using tapers and plugs are an excellent way to keep your piercings filled with spirit. Even if you don’t have piercings, using jewelry can really help you get the finishing touches to your look. Necklaces, pendants, rings and belt buckles are great ways to add some flair to your overall look. Get ready to accessorize and have more fun in sporting jewelry that you might not be brave enough to try on your usual day to day, work dress up. Men can add edginess to there style drastically by just adding a big belt buckle or a heavy, silver finger ring as a statement piece.

Harley Leads the Ladies


We have to say, for a gal who has to rock fishnets on a daily basis, Harley Quinn has some wicked style to go along with it. Although this look may a bit too bold for most for daily wear (unless of course, you also happen to be a supervillain), for Halloween, Harley’s look is a grand slam. But it doesn’t stop there…



Details make all the difference!

June Moon, a.k.a. The Enchantress is another character we think we’ll be getting some major dress up love this Halloween. Her dark, seriously twisted look is not quite as upbeat as Harley Quinn’s colorful get up, but nonetheless sexy as hell. Then there’s Katana too… We can’t say enough good things about this movie creating a major opening in new characters to dress up for Halloween.
Whichever you choose, jewelry, both piercing and non piercing, will help you to complete the look. Layering necklaces and cashing in on multiple lobe piercings are certainly going to be a hit this season. Jewel encrusted nipple rings double as icing for earlobes and lips. Go nuts! This is precisely why we anticipate these characters getting a ton of love of this fun holiday.


Yellow is the New Black

If being a part of the squad isn’t quite your fancy, there are so many other amazing characters to dip into this year. One particular yellow fellow is on our minds…

Aside from smiley faces and the sun, we haven’t quite given the color yellow love lately until….the return of Pikachu with Pokemon Go earlier this year. Needless to say, if you google the phrase “most popular Halloween costume”, this little guy will pop up with his adorbs little tail and all. Although there are many characters in Pokemon that are simple too cute to describe, this yellow chipmunk like critter is most definitely a crowd favorite. 

Not into characters? Looking for more traditional Halloween inspo? Pirates, nurses, teachers, witches, and vampires are always in style. Complete your look, whatever you decide, with stunning additions of  body jewelry and accessories. Details make the most of your costume so try pairing feather earrings for pirates or Pokemon industrial barbells with your costume… and most of all, have FUN!
If yellow is the new black for your Halloween adventures this year, here’s a few from our shop that will have you out there catching em’ all.

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