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Today we find that we all have some form of body modification whether it be a piercing or a tattoo or any other form of body modification. Humans have been modifying their appearance since the beginning of time. A lot of modern day piercings are not of a trend of fad but a slight tweek of ancient tribal piercings. Many men and women pierce their nostrils but another nose piercing that is very popular is the septum piercing. The septum was originally popular amongst warrior tribes around the world especially amongst the people of New Guinea, the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas and many other places. The septum back then was traditional worn with large tusks or bone this was used to give the faces of the warriors a fierce appearance. Now septum piercings are used to adorn the face typically worn with a horseshoe, or captive bead ring the septum piercings is worn by both men and women.


Lip piercings is another popular piercing that has an ancient tribal history. Lip rings have been worn by many people around the world and having a lip ring is a major part of some cultures. Popular amongst South American and African tribes the lip piercings have been used to signify placement within society as well as marking young women that reach a certain age. The lip piercing worn by the women in certain African tribes is often stretched with a clay or wooden plate. People now in the Western culture have taken the lip piercing to a whole new level there are so many variations of the lip piercings that the possibilities are almost endless. The lip rings here are typically worn with a 14 gauge ring, but there are some body modification lovers that stretch their lip piercings as well.

If you are thinking about getting a new piercing try one of these tribal piercings gone trendy!