If you’re a diehard piercing enthusiast, then you probably know that piercing trends vary with the seasons and with the coming of fall we’re seeing that all too familiar pattern of change, once again. What has Fall got lined up for piercing aficionados? A lot actually.

While the central theme is shaping out to be minimalism sprinkled with a divergent bit of exquisiteness, piercing fans can expect enough of everything to satisfy their piercing cravings and urges.  A roundabout way of saying that although it’s a season of everything minimalist, you can still get that bit of sensationalism to keep you hooked. Here are the piercing trends to explain what we mean

Multiple constellation piercings

Constellation piercings have that tendency to be a tad bit loud and while that trend stuck up for a while (all through summer), Fall is ushering something even better – constellation piercings without all the ‘noise’ but certainly with a sizable dose of panache. That’s all thanks to the somewhat new trend of relatively small jewelry pieces being used to set up the constellation.

Unlike the standard constellation setup, here the jewelry pieces are delicate and exquisite. When they line up in a constellation setting, it’s more like peering up to twinkling little stars than staring up to the imposing glow of the sun (the look if the traditional constellation). We’re already seeing this trend take social media, particularly Instagram by storm.

Snug piercings

One piercing style that’s looking to stand the test of time (and season) this year is the snug piercing. Revered for its very convenient placement on the antihelix, and more so for its stripped but still inviting look, snug piercings have been gathering up steam all through the summer. It’s fall now, and in line with minimalism setting the pace, they are looking out to be one of the most exciting styles to wear.

Stripped nose rings

Ever wanted a nose piercing but got discouraged by the current outlook for nose piercings in pop culture. Yeah, you’re not alone. Nose piercings were the rave in the late 90s, but with the turn of the 21st century, they somehow accrued some bad rap, falling out of favor with most piercing enthusiasts. This fall, however, they’re making an unannounced comeback, and you guessed it right, it’s all down to minimalism.

Rather than settle for the ‘flamboyant’ septum ring, Fall offers you the opportunity to try on some ‘tiny’ and tight-fitting nose rings that blend into the picture without creating too much of a fuss.

Finally, the Daith

Ah, the daith piercing. It’s hard to see any piercing trend list go on without a noteworthy mention of this ever-green piercing style. Daith piercings are done on the upper ear cartilage fold, somewhere near the upper margins of the antihelix. They’re one of the simplest and most effective ways to project an aura of sophistication without looking vain. And best still because they’re often shielded by outer margins of the ear, these piercings heal very fast – fast enough to get one and set up your Fall look without anyone catching the drift.