Facial piercings have been around for a while we are accustomed to seeing both men and women with their nose pierced, septum, and eyebrows but there are a few other facial piercings that have taken the industry by storm.

Here are a few of the piercings that have become exceptionally popular lately.

Monroe, Madonna, Labret Monroe– this piercing named after Marilyn Monroe and her mole/beauty mark, women adorn their faces with a nice piece of body jewelry instead of a mole. This piercing is very popular amongst young women. The piercing is worn on the upper lip where a beauty mark would usually be. There are many variations of the labret piercing.


Snake bites- Snake bites are nothing more than your traditional lip piercing, except it is piercings done on your lower lip. The two piercings are evenly separated on each side of the lip. This piercing can be done with a captive bead ring or a labret stud depending on the customer.

Dermal anchors– This is a semi permanent piercing that has really taken the industry by storm many people use it to accentuate their existing tattoos or to accentuate their body’s period. The dermal anchor can be placed pretty much anywhere and may choose to put them in their face. You should keep in mind that if you want this removed you have to see a professional to have it removed and the scar tissue after the removal can be bad. This is a piercing that you should consider and shouldn’t really be done on impulse.

Facial piercings have been around for centuries and are a great way for self expression. For those who are pierced veterans and want to add to their collection or if you just want an impulse piercing, they should be considered as this piercing is in your face and could get in the way of your professional career.