Body piercings have been very popular for many centuries. Different people have different views about body art and piercings. One of the most popular forms of body modification that is on the rise is microdermal piercings. This surface piercings is extremely popular, it can be placed almost anywhere on the surface of the skin. Many people use microdermals to embellish tattoos and others get dermals just for the look of it. The awesome thing about microdermals is that it is a semi-permanent piercing, it can be removed, with the help of a professional of course. You have to remember that dermals are a surface piercings and that means that there is a chance of rejection, but when done properly with high quality body jewelry, you shouldn’t have an issue with rejection. Dermal anchors come in surgical steel as well as solid titanium for those that have metal allergies.

As with every piercing there are risks that come along with dermal piercings, infection is one, if your piercer was not clean or the shop was not clean there is a possibility of contracting an infection from the shop. If you do not care for your dermals properly you can also have an infection due to lack of care. Migration and rejection is another risk, if the piercing is done to shallow or if the jewelry that is used does not agree with you it can migrate or reject.