Ok, if you are reading this, chances are that you like jewelry in general. And, if you have body piercings, you will probably always be up for different ideas in the realm of jewelry. So, what about applying high-fashion jewelry looks to your body piercings? Not only will you create a stir, get some attention, and probably get asked questions about your pieces, you will look pretty awesome too! Right now, jewelry designers are at an all-time high in terms of what they are producing. Seriously stunning works of art, meant to adorn the body. And, chances are, if you like to adorn yourselves with body jewelry, you’re going to make sure your embellishments are as interesting as possible! Here are some really amazing pieces fresh on the trend scene, and how you can translate the look to your different body piercings. Enjoy!


This Stunning Cuff, by Erica Courtney, was Crafted in Gold, Decked with Diamonds, and Topped with 30 Carats of the Rare Jewel, Zultanite.

At the amazing price of $160,000, this is not the type of bracelet almost anyone could wear on any given day! Zultanite was discovered in the Anatolian Mountains of Turkey back in the ’70’s. This remarkable stone has never quite hit the mainstream market because of it’s rarity. It glimmers like nothing else, and is known for its habitual color range, which includes pinks-to-greens-to-purples, depending on the light source. So, if the Lotus Cuff is a little out of your price range, or you just want something a little more appropriate for a different part of your body, check out these little beauties:


Bold and Beautiful, Make a Dramatic Statement with This Sparkling Armband.
As Fabulous As it Gets! Sparkling, Light-Reflecting 14K Gold and Swarovski Crystal Pave Ball For Your Navel Ring! You Will Not Find a Finer, More Glamorous Belly Ring Than This!













Then there are earrings. Though certainly more conventional in terms of body jewelry, there are so many ways to wear them in a unique, alternative fashion. Why not try an outrageous pair in traditional lobe piercings, in addition to a sexy, contrasting Industrial, or Tragus piercing? Considering the external ear presents a multitude of possibilities to adorn with captive bead rings, barbells, horseshoe rings, and other bits of shiny jewelry, you are able to get quite creative here!

Mallary Mark's Newest Creations: Earrings in a Tibetan Cloud Design, with Tear Drop Rubies!

The latest in design from world-renowned jewelry designer, Mallary Marks, these earrings dangle with teardrop rubies. An intricate gold motif, resembling the traditional Tibetan cloud design, these earring are meant to bestow inner peace with their unmatched beauty at $840 a pop! However, if you want an alternative, you can achieve a similar look with these ideas:

A Little More Subtle, With the Right Touch of Scarlet Dangling From Your Ears.
Dangling Jewels With the Look of Rubies, Set on a Half-Shield Nipple Ring.













Another Example of Trendy Dangling Jewels! These Stunning Earrings Were Designed by Suzanne Felsen.

This look can easily be duplicated with very sexy, sparkling nipple and navel jewelry. As you can see, rich jewel-tones like fuchsia, red, and violet are so in right now for all types of jewelry.


Beyonce, In Usual Glamorous Fashion, Rocking the Body Jewelry!

And here we have the gorgeous, always trendsetting Beyonce Knowles! She proves that even in a bikini, you can be extremely creative in how you wear your body jewelry! She accentuates her world-famous curves with not only her dangling belly button ring, but also with a sparkling belly chain, that links up with her necklace, for a full-body look.



Its Always Black and White: Never Out of Style, these Monique Pean Earrings Are Stunning, and Amazingly Unique.

These earrings were inspired by beauty from all over the world! Crafted from fossilized woolly mammoth tusk unearthed in the Arctic Circle, crafted by hand by a classically trained in the 18th century scrimshaw method, designed with a passion for French Polynesian arts, and a healthy dose of haut couture- and you have these unbelievable, Art-Deco-esqu masterpieces! And, with an equally stunning price tag of $1,125, they are a bit of an investment. For those of you looking for a similar look, with different ways of wearing them, acrylic body jewelry is your best bet.


Keep your Navel Current with This Black and White Design!


Black and White Ear Stretchers: Versatile Plugs











So, as you can see, there are so many ways to do your body jewelry to fit your trend tastes! No matter the price, or design, you can find piercing jewelry that works to fit any look, or trend you want, for any of your piercings!