A Very Stylish Girl Made Even More Stylish By Her Fabulous Piercings!


Classic is always in, no? It means what it says, and that means it can morph into whatever trend may be blowing up at the moment. Subtle or explosive, classic stays no matter what. But sometimes, breaking the rules, and playing up trends can be so much more fun. If you’re a body jewelry person, it can be totally easy to get stuck in a rut of the same old thing, all the time. It’s true, there really is nothing like an aptly placed surgical steel barbell or sexy titanium captive bead ball ring, but there are times when you just need to make a louder statement!

Right now, as this is Spring 2011, there are some hot trends on the move, and coordinating your body jewelry can make your piercings that much more exciting. Here are some ways you can keep your piercings totally current with the changing times:

Bold, Blazing Colors:

Runways, fashion mags, and the street scenes have been sporting some very eye-catching colors as of late. Bright greens, sunshine yellow, cayenne-red, UV-indigo; get the picture? And these colors have been popping up in the most unlikely of places: accessories! These colors can translate so well with piercing jewelry. Acrylic designs are the perfect fit for this look because practically any color can be created in this fab material. You can seriously color coordinate with everything when you go for acrylic jewelry, whether you want an acrylic tongue barbell, bright sassy plugs, popsicle-colors for your labret or monroe piercings, or an incredible, day-glow acrylic belly ring to make sure all eyes notice your impeccable fashion sense! If you want your piercing to play with this trend, there are seriously no limits to how creative you can get!


Spring 2011's Brilliant Hues


Vibrant Acrylic Banana Bells: Navel Rings with Popping Color












Totally fab on any skin tone, indigo is lighting up sidewalks and catwalks alike with its other-worldly glow. Look how it can work for any of your piercings with the power of titanium body jewelry. Titanium is the hardest metal available, while also being super lightweight, making it perfect for wearing all over your body. It rarely causes reactions in the skin, and is not magnetic. Perfect for working with any trends, it can be anodized, to create a colored external layer on the jewelry for ultimate fashionable fun!



This Radiant Hue is Sure to Creep Into Your Consciousness This Spring!
A Little Indigo For Any of Your Fashionable Body Piercings!













White Hot:

White Fashion and White Body Jewelry Are Perfect For Spring 2011


In contrast to flaming color, white is also being seen a lot. Tops and bottoms, accessories, shoes, bags… White is everywhere! Cool and calm, yet so sultry and fluid, and sure to enhance a tan on any skin tone, it is no wonder its so hot right now. Why not try pairing a sexy white outfit with some white body jewelry for a very dramatic look? Hand-carved bone ear plug designs are so gorgeous, totally unique, and will make such an impact. Flower designs, peace signs, and bold stars are some of the cool styles you can get in bone, and you will be in love with them long after the embers of this trend fade. Also pretty rockin’ are the acrylic barbells for tongue rings and belly button rings that come in awesome white designs. How about a tiny white-electro plated captive bead ball ring, set with a glimmering jewel, for any of your alternative ear piercings? Such a cool, fun way to play with this trend!


Ear Plug Made From White Carved Bone: On Point and Exotic!


More White Body Jewelry:

A Subtle Little SParkling White for Your Ears!
White Belly Ring with the Right Touch of Sparkle From Jewel.












Floral Language:

Floral designs just do not fade out of fashion. Perhaps they do seasonally, but like in nature, they come back to life every spring. This year, florals are dramatic, and come in frisky liberty prints, as well as aptly placed blooms growing up the length of long dresses. How do you make this look work on the small scale? With properly accented body jewelry, of course!


How Does Your Garden Grow?
Keep Your Labret Current with this Unique, Stylish, Hand-Painted Flower Design!












Shimmering Metallics:

A little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit ’80’s, and glam all the way, metallics are an unusual trend for spring. Nonetheless, making your body jewelry fit this trend is quite easy when you consider the majority of options out there are metal-based! You will have no problem finding awesome pieces with sweet metallic finishes to vamp up your look with. Coordinating your outfits to this trend will so much fun!

Shimmering Metallics Are Huge right Now! Coordinate Your Body Jewels Accordingly!
Shiny, Metallic, and SO Versatile! This Captive Bead Ball Ring Will Definitely Get Some Attention!












So, there you have it! If you are up for making your body jewelry that much more stylish, and a little more fun this Spring, you know how to do it! Just like anything else in life, body jewelry should never become boring or passe`!