You’ve seen a lot of piercing aficionados adorn their chic piercings, you’ve heard the countless rumors about them being therapeutic, and you’ve probably at one point thought about getting one yourself. Body piercings for the diehard fans are a way of life, an inseparable part of their humanities, one they couldn’t bare existing without. For you, however, the piercing newcomer, it’s still a case of being caught in crossroads – You’re most likely wondering, do I really need a piercing? What do I stand to gain (or lose) if I get one? To help you answer those questions we’ve summarized the five major reasons why you should get a body piercing

  • It’s an excellent way to step up your beauty game

Aside from the shimmering sparkles of body jewelry, getting a piercing is a unique way to tune up your overall beauty levels. Earlobe piercings, for instance, are known the world over for the sophistication and glitz they add to the face of their wearers. So also, for the more exquisite belly button and nipple piercings, they are regarded as one of the best ways to complement the female physique. Regardless of the piercing, done right, body piercings add a touch of exquisiteness to the looks of the wearer.

  • A good way to display your personality

Body piercings are a unique way of showcasing your inner persona to the outer world and society. Got a rad, or edgy side, a nose ring will come as the perfect accessory to accentuate that aspect of your character. If you’re more of the daring and confident type, then a labret or Prince Albert piercing (for males) might suit you. Whatever your needs are there’s always a piercing that fits

  • A potential cure for illnesses

A significant bunch of body piercing enthusiasts believe that certain piercings have therapeutic effects. This belief is backed by fact stemming from the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. The general concession is that some piercings pass through areas of the body where nerves servicing other body parts are located. The strategic intersection of nerve and piercing is thought to herald soothing effects. Case in point are earlobe piercings, long believed to provide relief from headaches and migraines. Another example are nasal piercings, in some areas of India the belief is that they improve female fertility

  • To enhance your sexuality

Body piercings improve your overall appeal, one crucial part of the sexuality game. More importantly, however, they can be undertaken to buff up the sensitivity of the sexual experience. Piercing on the nipple and around the genitalia are known to spike up the sensitivity of those areas. Searching for a way to rejuvenate your sexual life, the answer might just be a piercing.

  • Finally, they are a telltale sign of maturity

Contrary to popular stereotypes that made headlines in the past, a body artist spotting a body piercing is a symbol of maturity. Piercings require utmost care and dedication. Getting a piercing done is a major decision any body piercing enthusiast (one they are not allowed to make until they’re 18 years of age). Once they start making such choices, it is a clear sign that they are now ready to accept responsibilities.