With summer comes an aura of refreshment, vibe and scintillating colors – essentially everything that makes this season a season of new beginnings. In keeping with this trend, we’ve taken the time out to round up all the pooping body piercing trends guaranteed to give your body a fresh new beginning this summer.

From constellation piercings to nape piercings and our personal favorites, the nipple piercings, we’ve got all the styles for all personalities well covered up. Which piercing summer trend matches up to your taste? Read on to find out.

  • Constellation piercings

If you’re tired of your plain old ear piercing, then spice things up this summer by signing up for a constellation piercing. Constellation piercings are upwards of three (extending even up to even ten) ear piercings oriented in the form of a constellation of stars.

Given their radiant look, it’s no surprise that constellation piercings are making a strong rebound this summer. They pack all the sparkle and sophistication to be the best complement for your summer body.

  • Inverse navel piercings

Still, in the spirit of upgrades, an inverse navel piercing is to the traditional navel piercing what constellation piercings are to your standard ear piercings – a better version with more flair and panache. Inverse navel piercings have been on the ascendency for most of the year. With numerous A-list celebrities flaunting theirs all through the year leading up to summer, it was only a matter of time before everyone else caught up.

  • Nipple piercings

No summer piercing trends list is complete without the single most iconic signature piercing of summer – nipple piercings. Summer is when we all parade our summer bodies – more skin to show and more eyes on the lookout – what better time than now to flaunt that irresistibly sexy nipple piercing?

If you don’t have a nipple piercing, this summer is the best time for you to get one. It is the perfect complement for that summer bikini body.

  • Nape piercing

Although nape piercings don’t command that much of a followership in the world of body piercings, their relative scarcity or more appropriately ‘uniqueness’ make them a top piercing to watch out for this summer. Think of nape piercings as antique piercings. Sure, they lack all the bells and whistles associated with contemporary piercing styles, but, their allure comes from the timeless and intriguing look they accord the wearer. That look could be you’re this summer.

  • Vertical tragus

For the final item of our selection of summer piercing trends, we’ve opted for a serving of simplicity in the form of vertical tragus piercings. While they certainly lack the palpable glitz and glamour of a constellation piercing, they make up fo that by being strikingly elegant in their simplicity.

So if all the former piercing configurations seem a little bit too ‘loud’ for your personality, then a vertical tragus might be all you need for summer, after all as they say simplicity is the best form of sophistication.