Piercings are a hell of a lot of fun and add an edge to your look. That’s why they are so popular around the world and people can’t seem to get enough of them. From ear piercings to more unconventional ones, such as a nipple piercing, there are so many that you can get.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should get piercings in the first place.

Enhance your beauty

One of the reasons why you should get piercings is because it adds to your looks, enhancing your overall beauty. The little bursts of sparkle on your face and body can accentuate your look, stepping up your style game. There’s no doubt that it adds style and grace to your features. The best example of this is the classic ear lobe piercing which can make your face look so much more beautiful.

2.Express your individuality

Piercings are a great way for you to express your individuality and they allow you to be who you are. Choose a part of your body that you would like to get pierced and go for it. It takes courage and says a lot about who you are. If you’re bold, you can perhaps go for a nose ring and that would give an edge to your look, showcasing your individuality.

3.Makes you feel new

If you are bored with your look and feel like you need a change, then a piercing may be a perfect way. There’s something about them that makes us feel new and that’s why you’ll find that people who have gone through a breakup or something usually turns to piercings. It’ll be your fresh start and give your personality a boost.

4.Makes a statement

If you want to make a style statement, then look no further, a piercing is your go-to. It’s a chic way of making a statement. You can be sure to make heads turn when you walk into a room with that piercing. Especially if it’s in a unique part such as an eyebrow or septum, then it’ll surely make a statement. It’s great if you’re artistic and trying to speak through your appearance.

5.A sign of maturity

Many people get piercings as a sign of maturity and this is for both men and women. A piercing makes you look a lot older and mature which is the reason why many youngsters and teenagers opt for it. It makes them feel so much more grown-up and responsible.

6. Makes you stand out

As mentioned earlier, piercings are great to make a style statement, and to add to that, they will make you stand out in a crowd. You won’t look like everybody else, and it’s good to look different from the rest instead of following the same basic trends. It’ll draw attention to you and make you look unique.

Are you convinced yet? All you need to do is try it out and see for yourself now.