The beauty of body piercing is that you can do almost anything. Body piercing and tattooing is truly an art and we love to see new piercings and variations of the average piercing. Today we will be covering the top 5 rare body piercing picks.


The Nape- the nape piercing is located right under the hair line on the back of the neck. This is a surface piercing that we often see, but the down side about this piercing is that it has a high chance of rejection due to the constant moving of the neck this piercing isn’t a long term piercing, but it is cute while it lasts.

nape piercing


The Rhino- also known as the vertical nose piercing it is rarely seen in nose piercings because it has been described as one of the most painful piercings. This piercing is a traditional tribal piercing and it gets its nickname from the placement of the piercing and when it is worn with spiked ends it resembles a rhinoceros. If you are one for pain and are looking to do something different on your body modification journey, try out a rhino piercing.



Tongue web- this is not your average tongue piercing, but it is quite intriguing. Unlike the tongue ring the web piercing can’t be performed on every tongue. Depending on the persons tongue there may or may not be enough to pierce.


The joke/Dahliah piercing- this piercings is a very nice twist to the average lip piercing, the rarely seen joker piercings are done one each side of the mouth. The piercing is typically placed in the corners of the mouth. If you are looking for twist to the average lip piercings get a set of Dahliah’s/Joker’s piercings.


The Web Piercing- this has to be the weirdest place that you can possibly pierce. Piercing the web of your fingers is becoming more and more popular even though this is a short term piercing because your hands are constantly used the piercing can get caught on countless amount of things. The most common problem with this piercing is rejection due to the constant use of the hands.