Tongue piercings are known to be a very sensual piercing, both men and women get their tongues pierced. Tongue piercings are traditionally done vertically through the center of the tongue. Body modification was not meant to be boring. People now a days really take body art to a whole new level, there are many variations of piercings. There are easily more than 10 different ways that you can pierce your tongue. Today we are going to be talking about a few unique but increasingly popular ways to pierce your tongue.

Frenulum Linguae- is also known as the tongue web piercing. The jewelry is placed underneath the tongue, the webbing under your tongue is pierced horizontally. Every person is different, and not every tongue has the room for a tongue web piercing. This piercing is typically a simple piercing that has a very quick and simple healing process. This piercing does has a tendency to reject due to the placement of this piercing.


Double tongue ring– the double tongue is another variation of the tongue piercing, the double tongue can either be done on each side of the tongue, or it can be done with two piercings in the center of the tongue.


Horizontal Tongue piercing- the horizontal tongue piercing has been increasingly popular as it is a very nice variations of the tongue piercings. The piercings goes horizontally through the tip of the tongue.


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