Many people are allergic or sensitive to other types of metals that are used in body jewelry and this can cause infection, rejection, and even migration of the body jewelry. If you have had allergic reactions to your body jewelry you should try using Titanium.

Titanium is considered to be one the best metals to use for your body jewelry as many people are not allergic to Titanium. Titanium body jewelry is preferred by many professional piercers because it is sensitive to almost all skin types and there are very few people that have allergic reactions or suffer from rejection or migration. Titanium is also known to last longer than other body jewelry due to its durability. carries a large selection of titanium body jewelry both solid and anodized titanium.

Anodized titanium body jewelry is stainless steel that is coated with titanium. This particular type of titanium body jewelry should not be used by those that are allergic to stainless steel as you may have a reaction to the jewelry.

Whether you are getting a new body piercing or just shopping for new jewelry you can find belly rings, tongue rings, nipple, rings and much more in both solid titanium and anodized titanium. Not only is this type of jewelry a better choice to use but it also comes in an assortment of different colors. So for your next purchase of body jewelry make it titanium.