It’s natural to feel anxious and nervous when walking into the piercing studio for your new piercing appointment. You can’t deny the fact that regardless of how many times you’ve gone under the needle before, the piercing process doesn’t get any less scary.

Fortunately, many people have gotten various piercings before, and almost all of them agree on certain ways to calm down before getting a piercing.

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you calm down before getting a new piercing.

Engage in Relaxing Activities before the Procedure

Before getting any procedure done, the chances are that you aren’t going to spend much of your pre-procedure time engaging in draining activities that cause you to overexert yourself. The same concept applies to when opting for a piercing. It is imperative that during the time before a piercing, you take out time to relax.

You should get proper sleep the night before and practice some self-care activities that can help soothe your anxiety. For instance, you can go for a nice walk, read a book or magazine, and eat well. Look for activities that will help both your mind and body remain calm and focused.

Meditate and Do Breathing Exercises

Meditation has been proved as an effective tool that helps change the way we think and react to certain situations. If you’re feeling anxious about getting a piercing, meditation can help you calm your nerves and encourage positive thoughts. Breathing exercises can be done either along with meditation or separately. If your nerves start acting up too much, causing you to change your mind about getting a piercing, take long, deep breaths to help calm yourself.

Take Mild Painkillers in Advance

Some piercers also recommend that you take certain mild over-the-counter painkillers before getting your piercing done. These pain killers can help numb the pain during the procedure, and knowing that it isn’t going to pain much, will keep your nerves calm. Make sure that you consult your piercing specialist before consuming any painkillers. One thing you need to steer clear of is – blood thinners. There are chances that your piercing will bleed a little, and blood thinners will only make this worse.

Dream about How Amazing Your Piercing Will Look Once its Fully Healed

Feeling too anxious or nervous about a piercing can cause you to lose interest in it completely. When this happens, it is important to remind yourself why you’re getting the piercing in the first place. Thinking and imagining how great your piercing will look or the jewelry styles you can opt for will help you get through the piercing process a little more easily.

Stretch Your Body

Pre-piercing anxiety and stress is a real thing! It can affect your body, causing muscle tension and restricting the blood flow. A great idea would be to stretch out your body to get rid of the physical symptoms of piercing anxiety. Stretching helps release tension, causing your body to go into relaxation mode and reduce the overall mental stress.

Find a Professional Piercing Specialist

Do you know what will help reduce your anxiety the most? Knowing that the piercer you’re visiting is a professional with lots of experience! Since they repeat the process over and over again, certain piercing professionals are so skilled that it barely even hurts when they pierce. So, look for a highly skilled piercing specialist to help calm your pre-piercing anxiety.

Hopefully, these tips to help you calm down before getting a new piercing will help calm your nerves!