While body piercings offer a unique outlet for self-expression, this is not always acceptable in the work environment. Many piercings, especially those that are on the face, are generally not accepted by most employers, due to the fact that they do not meet the dress code regulations. If you want to effectively conceal your piercings to apply to your work requirements, use some of the tips here.
Concealing Ear Piercings
If your workplace does not allow any type of ear piercings, you can purchase see-through retainers to maintain the hole while working. They are typically small wires that are approximately a half of an inch long. You should keep a few extra retainers on you, as these do not always stay put in your piercing.
Stretched Earlobes
Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to hide this type of piercing, just a little trickier. You can purchase skin colored hiders, which actually appear realistic. They are sold in a number of different shades allowing you to perfectly match your skin tone. For females, hiding stretched earlobes is even simpler, since you can purchase plugs that look like large, stud earrings.
A tongue piercing is not as obvious as a lip or eyebrow piercing, which makes it a bit easier to conceal. However, yawning and laughing may reveal the piercing, which is why you may need to find a viable way to conceal its presence. There are a number of acrylic retainers that are available in various sizes. These retainers are the same size as your other tongue jewelry, but completely see through, which allows it to blend in with your tongue.
Another popular option is to purchase a skin colored retainer. The only drawback is that they are much more expensive than the clear options and not as widely available.
When it comes to Body Piercing Rings that employers want eliminated, one of the most common is ones are those located in the eyebrow. There are a number of services that offer small metal retainers that look similar to a crochet hook, only smaller to replace your eyebrow jewelry. This might not work if you have very thin brow hair or if your piercing is extremely shallow.