Picking the right gauge size for you can be tough, how big do you want to go and how quickly? Gauge sizes range from 00 (3/8 inches) to 20 (1.32 inches). Before you decide, its best to figure out how the gauge feels. Some people love gauges the larger they get, and others find out that the smaller sizes are what is best for them. Not everyone has the same size earlobes, so this means you may not be able to go as big as you’d like without causing a “blowout”, ripping of the lobe. It is very important to pick the right size for you and your earlobes.

Looking for the Right Size Tunnel Earrings

Tunnel earrings, also known as flesh tunnels, are some of the most popular for ear gauging. These can be some the largest gauge earrings for those with stretched earlobes. When selecting your new jewelry, some things to consider when it comes to tunnel earrings are:

  • Comfortable for long-term wear
  • Generally, very light
  • The right size

When it comes to the last item, it is very important to find the right size, meaning finding a piece that fits in your piercing. The diameter of the hole in your ear must match the diameter of the jewelry. This may sound like something very obvious, but it can be discouraging when an individual doesn’t buy the right size. Too big, it can cause a lot of pain or tearing, while too small will fall right out of your piercing!

After deciding that these lightweight, long-term, pieces are for you, here are some tips for finding the right size for you!

  • Visit your piercer and ask them to measure your current gauge size. You may or may not have to pay depending on the studio.
  • Make sure you know your size before ordering, do not guess! Never wear jewelry that is too small or too big for your piercing.
  • Never buy bigger jewelry to stretch your gauges another size. This should only be done with specialized jewelry made for stretching your gauges.

Ready to Buy?

There are many places that gauge jewelry can be purchased. Once you know your size and are confident in buying a new set of jewelry for your gauges, you can begin looking at all the different sizes and styles that are right for you. If you’re looking for a place that has a plethora of ear piercing tunnels available check out bodyjewelry.com!