Getting a new piercing can be a particularly tricky business. Sure, you’ve figured out what piercing fits you the best, and you also know which piercing studio will conduct the procedure. What you don’t know, however, is that getting a piercing goes past just visiting a studio and having your body punctured. There’s a lot more to it than that and to help you get a clearer perspective we’ve rounded up a list of questions you should ask your piercer before it’s finally D-day

  • What’s the most requested procedure?

This question is important for two reasons; it gives you an idea of what contemporary definitions of trendy piercings are and which piercing procedures are no go areas. It’s simple logic really; the more famous a piercing is, the more people would want to get it and the more requests your piercer would have for that procedure. If the piercing you have in mind sounds alien to your piercer, then maybe it’s a little bit too obscure. You should consider doubling back on that decision

  • What should I expect in terms of piercing and body jewelry costs?

Getting a piercing costs money and even more so if you’re getting one from a reputable and professional studio. It makes sense to know what the cost implication of your piercing choice is before going under the needle (or knife as the case may be). Generally speaking, the more complicated the piercing is, the more it’ll cost although the cost margin across the board isn’t that far apart.

In the same manner, acquiring body jewelry also comes at a cost. The good news is there’s always an option to fit your budget, just make sure to stay away from knockoffs and overly cheap jewelry pieces.

  • Will this be painful?

Quick answer; Pain is relative and ultimately dependent on the type of piercing you’re getting. So, if it’s a simple ear cartilage piercing, no cause for alarm, it should feel more like a needle prick and nothing else. If you’re the more adventurous type, however, looking to land a nipple piercing then brace up for more than a tingle.

  • How long will it take to heal?

Again, healing time, like pain, is relative and dependent on the type of piercing. Relative in the sense that some people naturally heal faster than others. That said, the major determining factor is the type of piercing. Simple piercings generally heal more quickly complex ones, although it’s fair to note that the piercing location also has a role to play. If it’s in an area richly supplied by blood vessels then yes, expect to get fully fit much sooner.

  • After the deed is done, how do I care for my beautiful piercing?

One factor that stands out above others when it comes to the health of your healing piercing is aftercare. Aftercare regimens vary considerably, from the basic – clean with sea salt solution to more complex procedures for sensitive piercings – what’s best for you will be decided by your piercer.

Remember, however, that like surgical incisions piercings are delicate, exactly why you should take adequate care of them. That’s aside from the fact that proper aftercare almost always translates to faster healing times – if you want to rock your new piercing jewelry best to stick to whatever was recommended to you religiously.