When it comes to getting piercings, the idea is to always ask your piercer about your jewelry. Even though this is the right thing to do, but when you are shopping for piercing jewelry online, you should know everything you need to know.

Shopping online for piercing jewelry requires confidence, which requires you to educate yourself well. So, here are some things you need to know about your piercings to select the most appropriate jewelry for yourself.

Jewelry Gauge Required For Your Piercing

The thickness of the jewelry is known as its gauge. The gauge of a prong or bar is extremely important for your piercing for a few reasons. Firstly, if the gauge of your jewelry is too small, you can experience problems such as jewelry rejection. Secondly, if the gauge of your jewelry is too big, it can end up stretching the piercing, which may not always be ideal.

The jewelry you select should be the same gauge as the needle that was used for your piercing. If you aren’t sure about the gauge of your jewelry, you may want to visit a piercing professional.

Size of the Jewelry

Like its gauge, the size of the piercing jewelry is a really important factor to consider. The size of the piercing jewelry shouldn’t be too big or small, depending on the piercing. Jewelry that is too small will push against your piercing holes, causing certain issues. On the other hand, jewelry that is too large also poses a snag risk. Therefore, you need to know the exact length of a barbell or the total diameter of a hoop.

The only way you can find out the most appropriate size of jewelry for your piercing is by asking your piercing professional. Piercers have the correct tools to measure your piercing and inform you about the potential piercing jewelry sizes you can adorn.

Things to Look For When You Shop For Body Jewelry

Once you are aware of the size and gauge of the jewelry you need, you can easily narrow down your options for different styles. However, there are some more factors you need to consider during shopping.

Is The Jewelry Externally or Internally Threaded?

Generally, most piercing jewelry is internally threaded, but you can easily find externally threaded ones too. Internally threaded jewelry protects your piercing by ensuring that the threading doesn’t scrape against your skin when changing your jewelry. Moreover, it is also a little more intricate and tough to construct unlike external threading, which is usually an indicator of high-quality jewelry that is durable.

What Is The Size of the Gemstone Or Charm?

The hardest aspect of shopping online is trying to figure out the size of a certain object. The last thing you want is to buy a piece of piercing jewelry with a charm or gemstone only to find out that it is much larger or smaller than you imagined.

What Materials Are Used? 

Body jewelry is can be made out of various materials such as gold, silver, copper, etc. Some materials can be really harmful to your piercing as they cause various infections. So, when buying body jewelry, make sure to take notes of the materials that are used to make a certain piece.

When buying piercing jewelry in-person, you can consult your piercing professional to get an idea about the most appropriate jewelry for your piercing. However, purchasing jewelry online is a completely different story. Therefore, make sure that consider all the above factors and read a ton of reviews before making your final purchase!