Having a body piercing is a large commitment and sadly not all body piercings are acceptable in the work force or at home! You may love your body piercings, but unfortunately, not everyone might feel the same. Depending on the situation, you might feel nervous showing off your body jewelry and sometimes they might not fit into the rules.

  • A septum piercing is unique twist on standard nose rings. A septum piercing is one of the most dramatic piercings, but is also the easiest to conceal. Many people simple flip their curved barbell or ring up so that it hides in their nostrils, but there are also septum retainers available for a more comfortable feel.
  • Most piercings can be concealed and kept open and healthy by the use of an acrylic retainer. Essentially these retainers are just a clear plastic plug that is clear and hard to detect. Acrylic retainers can virtually be worn in any piercing. If you’re piercings are relatively small, then these retainers will be extremely hard to detect. Sadly, retainers don’t work for large ear gauges or other stretched piercings.
  • Large ear gauges and other gauged piercings are extremely difficult to hide as they get bigger. You can opt for flesh-colored plus, but finding a perfect match to your skin tone can be nearly impossible.
  • If you can avoid it, leave your piercings in. Piercings can close quickly when given a chance!

Concealing your piercings can be easy with the use of retainers and other body jewelry options. It’s crucial to really think it through before stretching your piercings or getting multiple visible piercings.