The Month of Love

The month of love has us all looking for things that are red, pink and in the shape of hearts and flowers, which means that Valentine’s Day must be here. And that no different for us here at BodyJewelry.com. One of our busiest shopping seasons for all things pink and red is upon us and we’re here to spill the beans on the most popular body jewelry for Valentine’s Day with you. We’ll tell you what’s been flying off the shelves this year during the month of Saint Valentine.

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Hello Pretty Nipple Shields!

Ooh La La….Nipple Jewelry

Nipple jewelry during Valentine’s week is on the rise more than ever. As you know, nipple piercings have been huge with the stars lately and we can understand why. Nipple piercings are awesome easy to hide (or not hide, you choose) that is a favorite piercing for those gentleman to gift for. We say gift loosely since we’re more convinced that they are actually giving themselves a gift by having their girlfriend sporting sexy little nipple jewelry.

Nipple shield are simply just amazing and actually a combination of 2 body jewelry pieces combined, the nipple barbell and the nipple shield. The barbell runs through the center of the nipple shield, which holds the barbell steady in the center. We’ve made some recos on the best selling nipple shields this season below.

Nipple Barbells with deep ruby red heart shaped gems are another winner for us. Yes, they are obviously gorgeous for holiday surprises but we think this should be an all year long trend…gems, hearts and nipple rings just goes together oh so well, no matter what occasion it is.

And P.S…

These are so beautiful and there is absolutely no reason to hide these whatsoever; pair these nipple shields with a sheer and you’re sure to have heads turning! You can also get the look without the commitment by wearing non piercing nipple shields.

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

Another Valentine’s Day best seller are dangling belly rings. We admin that dangling belly rings are basically a favorite all year long but the ones with that have hearts and/or arrows certainly are in demand during this time of year. Try a gem encrusted heart belly ring for Valentine’s day to bring out your inner cupid. If you are gifting for someone you know that has their navel pierced, the awesome thing is that for the most part, belly piercing jewelry comes in one standard gauge – a 14 gauge for the vast majority of the population. You can’t go wrong with one of our hand painted acrylic belly ring in a wide variety of color combinations- there is one for every style and every personality. They are feather light and super affordable for any budget.


Pink and Sweet

Nothing says love like pink and sweet…sometime the Valentine’s Day craze has us thinking that red is the only color for true love but we want to remind you that all shades of red, pink and purples can have the same effect, as well as other colors that may be incorporated into sweet floral shapes.

Pink jewelry is one that we adore because of how versatile it is against any skin tone. It brings out pink undertones on lighter tones and deepens the tan on darker tones. Pink instantly speak sweet to the audience and can be achieved in a flash with our pink heart non piercing nose clip. When in doubt of size or gauge of the piercing, gifting non piercing jewelry is a universal pleaser for Valentine’s Day.

Get Gifting

The best tip we can give you during the Month of Love is that your gut instincts are almost always right. If you are gifting for someone who isn’t a fan of red, go with pink or amethyst. Understanding and appreciating their style and swag and going with something that compliments that is what makes a great gift~ Be sure to use our promo code CUPID20 to save 20% off your entire order! Happy Valentine’s Day piercing addicts!

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