Miami for a long time has been a big player in the piercing industry. Men and women are constantly showing of their perfectly tanned bodies to the world, and as new piercing come to light Miami is there set the trend. Being known for its wonderful sunny beaches and its sexy people, Miami is always looked for new beach trends.

Miami women are always looking for new way to accessorize their bikini bodies. The most common way to accessorize the body in Miami is the all-famous Belly Ring. The belly ring is a great way to make your bikini body more attractive. Belly rings come in many different design from feathers or dangling jewels, to the more simple logo or organic belly rings. Another popular trend, especially in the younger females, is the surface piercings. Surface piercing are piercings that that penetrate only the top level of skin. Most Miami girls get their surface piercings on their hip bones. When worn with a small bikini these piercings will make your bikini body much sexier. Finally, the last piercing we will cover is the microdermal anchor. For most Miami girls the piercing that they most want is the microdermal anchor on their back dimples or on the chest area. Microdermal anchors are one of the most popular trends at the moment. And the Miami girls are always finding a sexy location on where to put them, whether it be on the upper chest or on the dimples of their back, the dermals will look hot and sexy on any beach body. Always remember to get your jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.