See How the Jeweled Ear Plug Complements Her Look? Simply Beautiful!

Body jewelry is constantly getting redesigned, recreated, and new styles get produced everyday. If you’re into piercings, you probably understand what an addiction it can be to have fun with your piercings.

These look like plugs, don't they? They're actually earrings, but fake the look of ear plugs!

Right now is a really hot time for plugs. They are being created in a variety of materials, and are featuring some pretty rockin’ logos and designs. Brightly colored acrylic will add a whole lot of zing to your ear lobes, and will surely stand out. Some of the brazen designs we’re seeing a lot of include a picture of a hand extending a middle finger, bold pentagram stars, skulls, ying yangs, and simply the “Fuck.” Glamour is also big with plugs right now too, and ear plugs with big, sparkly jewels are being seen everywhere. Big, glittery stars set into the plugs are really hot. There are a variety of different jeweled plugs, so if you are looking for bling in your plugs, you are sure to find it. These are really so fun, and will add so much girly glam to your look. Even the newest ear stretchers are loaded with style. Available in several gauges, Surgical Steel Spike Ear stretchers set with gems are amazingly beautiful, and functional- nothing like good design to get the job done in vogue.

The Most Glamorous Ear Stretcher! Surgical Steel + Jewels = HOT!

Perfectly in time with Spring Break, belly button rings featuring dolphins are popping up. Also with belly rings, there can never be enough shine, and dangling navel rigs with jewels are hot right now! You have got to check out the latest styles!

A Dolphin for Your Belly Piercing! Jewel-Eyed & Sure to Add a Tropical Look!

Nose rings are going in a new direction, and little star-shaped jewels for your nostril are so cute! These are now available in so many colors- you can one to match every outfit!

Star-Studded Nose Rings In So Many Pretty Colors

Take your labret to the next level with a hand painted, totally unique design. For only those who get super close to you, will have a good look at the delicate beauty of this ring. It features an intricate flower design, on a bead spike. So gorgeous!

Hand Painted and Full of Beauty.

So, I’m sure your piercings are now begging for new jewelry! Treat them well- they add to your own unique beauty. Get something special today!

Body Jewelry Completes Any Look!