labret collage
The labret piercing has become an extremely popular type of body jewelry that is ideal for self-expression. However, just like any other type of piercing there are risks that you should be aware of prior to having it done.
Risks of Labret Piercings
A labret piercing is considered an oral and a facial piercing. This means that there are more risks involved than other types of piercings. Since the labret is placed so close to the gums and teeth, there is a serious risk of damage to these areas. If the right size or option is not selected, the piercing may cause damage by scratching the gums or teeth, or even cause inflammation of the gums due to consistent rubbing.
If you are in the habit of playing with the piercing or with putting any type of foreign object in your mouth, this will increase the risks of an infection developing. Other issues that may occur include gum recession, enamel erosion and tooth fracture. Understanding the risks will help you to make an educated decision regarding if you really want a labret piercing.
Carefully Choose Your Piercer
If you understand all of the risks, and still want to go on with the piercing, it will be time to go on with the next step. As with any other type of body piercing, it is crucial that you select an experienced and a professional piercer. Be sure that the person that you choose is also familiar with the labret piercing process. If this is not done properly it will increase the chances of an infection and may also increase the amount of healing time that is necessary. It is a good idea to look for a piercer that has references or that comes with high recommendations from a person you know.
The Experience
The labret piercing will be done quickly – so much so that you will likely not even know it has taken place. If it is placed in the appropriate location, it will not be very painful. However, you should keep in mind that you now have a piece of metal in your face, which means that you have to take proper care of it to prevent an infection. Once the piercing is completely healed, you can begin to shop for Labret Studs For your Lip that highlight your style and individuality.