Fashion isn’t only tied to what a model wears on the ramp. Fashion is you wearing unusually bright colors because the contrast matches perfectly in your head and nobody can fight you on that. Fashion is reckless, deeply personal, and in the best case, the manifestation of your daredevil soul.

Body piercing is one such daring trend that can truly give you an edgy, adventurous look. Your choice over where you get a piercing, whether it’s on the belly, the septum, or multiple ones running through your ear line can truly establish an independent, don’t-mess-with-me aura about you.

If you’re someone who is into this brave, hip trend, then here we give you the trendiest piercing ideas to get one right now!

1.     Eyebrow Rings

Eyebrow piercing looks sassy and can truly enhance your eye-shadow game if you look putting on bold, dark shades. You can get a single piercing and fix an eyebrow ring over it. If you’re feeling extra sassy, pair it up with a choker necklace and metal wrist bands.


2.     Labret Lip Studs

You’ll be surprised to know that labret piercing is an ancient North Indian tradition, specifically worn by women of high status in that society. Giving you the perfect context for lip piercing, you should totally get one right below the lower lip, or on the side of it.

Get your glam on and put on a labret lip stud for an ultra-stylish look.

3.     Belly Rings

If you’re into crop tops and skin-tight jeans then belly piercings are an effortlessly chic trend to show off your abs and beautifully toned stomach. You can rock a belly ring in your sultry bikini over a trip to the beach or can even wear a cute, dangling one to flaunt your fancy crop top.

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