Dream catchers are known amongst the Native American cultures, the dream catcher is a handmade object that is crafted on a willow hoop that is woven to create a net or web look with a hole in the center of the web. The dream catcher is then finished with decorations of feathers and beads.

The dream catcher originated in the Ojibwa tribe and was later introduced and adopted by neighboring tribes through trade and intermarriage. Some Native Americans consider the dream catcher a symbol of unity amongst the various Native American tribes.

The purpose of the dream catcher was to hang them over the bed to keep bad dreams away. The hole in the middle of the catcher is for the bad dreams to pass through the catcher and out the window while the good dreams stay in the web, and filter down to the person sleeping. Dream catchers were mainly used for young children.






Today the dream catcher has become more and more commercialized and is used in many other ways some get tattoos or dream catchers and many have them hanging in their homes and cars. Bodyjewelry.com has a selection of dream catcher belly rings, a great accessory for the summer!