If you’re new to the world of piercings, then you may want to start with a classic piercing. The Monroe piercing is a discreet piercing that has become quite popular over the years. It is attractive and a great choice if you prefer smaller, more elegant piercings that are noticeable yet not gaudy. This type of piercing will make you look very attractive without being overwhelmed. Monroe piercing rings are easily found when you shop for piercings online.

How the Monroe Piercing Got Its Name

Just like the name suggests, the Monroe piercing was inspired by the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. She had a diminutive beauty mark just to the left of her upper lip. This is precisely how the piercing was named. Upper lip piercings that are on the right side have been called the Madonna piercing since the singer has a beauty mark on the opposite side of Marilyn Monroe.


Choose the Perfect Spot for Your Monroe Piercing 

Any piercing can be customized within reason. The same goes for the Monroe piercing. It isn’t difficult to perform and can easily be moved to a precise spot that you want to have pierced. Piercers can give you advice and point out several spots that you may wish to have your lip pierced. It is important to keep in mind the type of lip piercings you’re going to purchase in regards to the size of your lip and the placement of your Monroe piercing.

Simple Is Beautiful 

The labret stud is a simple piece of body jewelry commonly used for the Monroe piercing. Such a piercing is beautiful and effective while being small and elegant. You can easily find surgical steel studs of gold, surgical steel and titanium with simple beads or gems on the end. Sparkly gems are sure to attract all the right kind of attention as well as matching your current attire. You can also find labret studs with decorative charms.


Monroe Piercing Jewelry 

Many types of lip piercing jewelry can be used for a Monroe piercing. Four different looks you can try curved barbells and hoops. You can find all kinds of styles of lip piercing jewelry when you choose to shop online. Try many different types of jewelry including the diminutive labret or attention seeking barbells. Regardless you’re sure to achieve the style you want at prices you can afford when you utilize the services offered by a great online piercing store.