Jewelry has been used to adorn the bodies and faces of people for many centuries. Some of the oldest mummified remains show evidence of pierced ears and stretched ear lobes, these piercings were found on the remains of both men and women. Many of these people got piercings to represent social status, while others got piercings for religious and spiritual reasons. Now a days people pierce for many different reasons, its almost tradition for young baby girls to get their ears pierced. Body piercings can be a big responsibility with the aftercare, and if your piercing isn’t taken care of properly it can really effect you. Now what exactly are the benefits of fake body piercing jewelry? If you are to young to get pierced and really want a piercing you can get non piercing body jewelry for almost any piercing. Are you thinking of getting something pierced but wondering how you make look with that particular piercing? Try out a non piercing spring hoop to give the look of a set of snake bites. Non piercing lip rings are a great if you want to try out the “look” of a lip piercing. The belly button ring is one of the most popular piercings, that piercing is also a commitment, it takes about 6-8 months to heal are you not ready to take that responsibility on? Get cute belly clip or belly chain to adorn your midsection. Non piercing nose clips are a great way to enhance the beauty of ones face. Think outside of your accessory box next time you head out for a night on the town add the look of a piercing to your look with a piece of non piercing body jewelry.