Your nose is more than just a bump on your face. It’s actually quite an important part of your body used to sense many different things and keep you alive via breathing. Essentially the nose is the underappreciated olfactory mechanism that can rev up your sensual, romantic and emotional sides. This is especially true when you choose to have it pierced and adorned with a fine nose piercing jewelry. It only seems befitting that one of the main defenders of your body is adorned with beautiful pieces of jewelry made from gold, silver, titanium, copper and precious gemstones. Isn’t it time that you showed your nose some love and appreciation with some brand-new piercings?


The Beauty and Awe of Nose Piercings

Nose piercing is very popular and continues to be popular today. There are many reasons to have your nose pierced some including ancient beliefs from India that a double nose piercing increases fertility. Some even say that your sixth sense becomes even keener with the nose piercing. Regardless of your actual reason for having your nose pierced it is a beautiful way to show your love for piercings. You can find beautiful nose rings that showcase your piercing to the fullest.


The Balance between the Male Nose and Virility


Nose piercings aren’t just for women, however. It is said that there is a balance between virility and the male nose. It is said that when a man chose to accentuate his nose with a piercing he was accentuating his manliness so that all could see. Today this is not necessarily the case. The rationale for male nose piercings is simply because it’s an attractive feature that men also like. Men that choose to have their nose pierced can also find striking jewelry that helps them communicate their personal style and manliness. You can choose from sexy, subtle nose studs to small hoops and go even further and wear multiple nose piercings.


Let Your Nose Ring Communicate Your Personal Style


No matter what reason you may have for having your nose pierced, it’s clear that the piercing itself communicates your personal style effectively. Shop online for a wide variety of nose piercings that are wild, gorgeous, fun, flirty, or sensual. Online body jewelry retailers can provide you with the precise type of nose piercings you want to express yourself. Choose from a wide selection of styles, sizes, colors, and designs.