Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here. The summer is when most people take their vacation and go to some sunny sandy beaches. Here in South Florida, where it is summer 90% of the time, we are always prepared for those beach days. One of the most common summer trends is to decorate you belly. There is nothing more sexy than a toned belly with some bling to make it stand out.

Belly rings are an awesome way to decorate your belly. They come in many different sizes and shapes, as well as in many different material to help accommodate your needs. One of the most popular kinds of navel rings are Jeweled Belly Rings. They help bring out your belly in the sun due to the amount of bling that is on the belly ring. Also, if you do not want to pierce you belly there are also non piercing jewelry that will give everyone the illusion that you have your belly pierced.

Finally, there are also belly chains. Belly chains are really popular especially when wearing a bathing suit or bikini. These will draw focus to your belly and the curves around your stomach. These are some great summer trends, so do not waste any time in getting these items.