Handling your piercing at the beginning is the same as taking care of a small wound. It is important to take good care of your new piercing. Depending on where the piercing is located on the body will vary on the clothing you wear. For instance, if your new body piercing is located on your navel or private areas then you do not want to wear tight clothing. It is recommended to wear loose clothing so the piercing area does not become irritated. Hands carry bacteria therefore before touching a piercing you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Do not take the jewelry out during the healing process. The wound heals better and will not close as fast when you remove the piercing for a short while. Avoid perfume, strong soaps, shaving cream and make-up around your new piercings. Do not hang charms from your piercing until the healing process is over.

Use Quality Piercing After-Care Products

You do not want to over clean the area, but cleaning the piercing at least twice a day is advisable. When it comes to proper care for your new piercing it is best to use quality piercing after-care products. Body jewelry shops such as BodyJewelry.com typically provide after-care products that work best for taking care of piercing wounds. You can find body piercing antibacterial foam soap and piercing after-care sea salt spray that can help the healing process of your new piercing. These products help kill germs and are non-irritating and non-toxic to your skin. It is the most effective way to cleanse body piercings. These products also help in preventing itching, scar tissue, lumps, and infections.

In Conclusion

A healthy lifestyle will also help your new piercing heal faster. Staying away from alcohol and drugs, eating nutritious foods and avoiding stress will show their benefits. For more information about piercing after-care, contact BodyJewelry.com by visiting their website today!