Sunday Style Tips : Pierced Couples

Style Inspo From Pierced Couples

Right in the midst of cold weather lies the inspiration from snuggling pierced couples and we love it. While the rest of the country is facing chilly nights and sweaters, we here in Florida are still battling humidity and rain so being able to scope out hot pierced couples in the midst of cuffing season is a pleasure. Time to snuggle up!

We hope to see you all on January 29th if you are local to South Florida as we will be hosting our first piercing event of the year at Crack Tattoos located in Pompano Beach. We’ll have the details for your on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter soon, so stay tuned for another great piercing event with the Team. Now let’s stalk out some hot pierced couples for some major inspo!

Couple Obsessed

Don’t you just love it when you see a couple that is so in sync on their style and demeanor that you think to yourself “they were made for each other” even though you know nothing about them? Something about seeing two people who vibe together so much that it’s actually visible to the naked eye via sense of style and fashion is just darn charming. It certainly makes us do a double take.

We found some of the most adorable pairs of pierced couples and wanted to dedicate a blog applauding and appreciating their sense of tandem style. Here’s our pick of the top 3 cutest pierced couples that are not only inspiring our body jewelry and piercing choices, but make us go “awwwwwwww”!

Blended Beauty

They say dogs and their owners begin to look alike after awhile and we think that is true about couples that really love and appreciate each other’s sense of style. Gradually, over time, couples can tend to look similar as their lifestyle and choices in style begin to merge. Case in point, these two love birds that we found on Instagram, @zaria_magnemite and her adorable beau. Although they have distinct piercings, something about their perfect couple-dom is the fact that their individual piercings collectively add to their style. Both have centered facial piercings, the philtrum on him, a septum piercing on her and a labret piercing on both. Both pierced babes are rockin’ out in simple and classic surgical steel body jewelry but something about this couple’s style is so ultra chic and cool. They made us want to grab our boyfriends and drag them to the piercing shop, stat.


Instagram photos screenshot of @zaria_magnemite & her beau

Tag Me Baby

What do we love more than a super cute pierced gent? A pierced gentleman that posts a pic of his love and his on social media. During an era where a relationship is not “real” until it’s Facebook official, nothing makes us swoon more than seeing a pierced gent rant about his love on public media. We say @StevenMHopkins, you’re our hero on this one. First, we dig guys with stretched ears so right off the bat, we awarded him instant brownie points in the big book of pierced gents from around globe. Second, his lip and eyebrow piercing and his lovely lady’s cyber bites are terrific trio of piercing for this perfect pair. The white eyebrow stands out in a big way while captive bead rings and surgical steel labrets give each other room to coexist without crowding out facial features.

 And p.s. Nothing says love better than two people with a genuine ear to ear grin together. We love it!


Adorable couple alert! @StevenMHopkins

Matching Moments

The next and final couple are one of the top couples on our minds with their matching body jewelry. Swoon with @Morrison146 and his other half who both have eyebrow piercings AND matching spiked curved barbells….how cute!! You already know how we feel about guys with stretched ears and he’s got that covered and the fact that this couple clearly adores one another is another “awwww” moment. Matching shirts may be out and considered corny, but matching piercings and matching body jewelry, we think that’s a subtle yet powerful way to declare your love.


If this doesn’t make you want to get boo-ed up , we don’t know what will. @Morrison146

After all, couples who pierce together, stay together. Okay, so maybe that’s not the original saying but we love it regardless and do believe that sharing a common interest or passion certainly provides the winning edge for couples. With the month of love just around the corner, we invite you to shop for your pierced  if you are attached or get a little something special for yourself in you are celebrating your freedom this Valentine’s Day.

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